I was supposed to run on Tuesday. I packed all of my running gear. I knew the weather report said the high was around 40. I pretended that wouldn’t bother me even though I knew it would.

All day I pretended like I was going to run. I checked the weather. It said “feels like 32”. To me that meant it felt like it was freezing out. I don’t like freezing.

I debated for a while. I stepped outside to see just how cold it was. It wasn’t as bad as I expected. But I still debated a little longer.

Conveniently, I debated just long enough that it got to be too late. I was saved by the clock.

So, on Wednesday, I absolutely had to run. No excuses. The weather was only a few degrees warmer but I figured I needed to get over it because its only going to get colder as the winter goes on.

I discovered a couple of things about my cold weather gear: My running jacket isn’t a whole lot warmer than a long-sleeved shirt and when I run the collar hits me in the face repeatedly. The buff I got in a swag bag from a race (that I didn’t run in) was well worth the registration fee. It was perfect to keep my ears warm! And my favorite leggings, although pretty thin, are perfectly warm enough for weather in the 40’s.

So it seems that, for now, my cold limit is “feels like 32.” Mostly because I am a winter wimp and “it’s freezing out!” make an excellent excuse. I am sure “serious runners”, or even just less wimpy runners, have a much higher cold tolerance.

Share your temperature limit (if you have one) in the comments!

1/6/16 Run Details:

Distance: 3.10 miles

Time: 30 minutes

Overall Pace: 9:38