Today’s workout was brought to me by 10-20 mph headwinds.  Running today confirmed what I have believed for some time…our neighborhood is located inside a vortex.

I was looking forward to the workout because it involved mile repeats at goal pace.  I don’t like to run long runs every week so running mile repeats every other week gives me a chance to push faster while also maintaining the core benefit of the long run (time on my feet).  I heard the wind blowing against the house and I saw the trees bending but I set out anyway;  anxious to measure my fitness level at race pace and curious to see if my body is honing in on race pace consistently.

My warm up set and first mile repeat were straight into the wind but I figured better to fight the wind early on fresh legs.  I should have known what would happen around the next corner but to quote Mike Lange, Hall of Fame  announcer for the Pittsburgh Penguins, “I’ll be cow kicked!”  Sure enough, there was the wind in my face again.  I rounded yet another turn and guess what, there it was again.  I even ran a couple of the last repeats in the opposite direction thinking I would benefit from some tail wind on tired legs.  It wasn’t to be, the wind was there laughing at me in the face!

I’m not a meteorologist so I can’t explain what happens in our neighborhood but I figure there are a couple of takeaways from the workout: 1) Evaluation of my fitness level at goal pace will have to wait for another day.  2) Hopefully running into the wind for nine miles will equate to some strength building and pay off down the road.

1/10/16 Run Details:

9 x 1 miles at Race Pace

Slowest Repeat 7:21 (repeat #7)

4 of 9 repeats  near race pace