Technology failed me today. I run with lots of apps going and not one of them was fully functional. Maybe I ran through some sort of time warp tunnel…

I always have my Nike+ app going. I’ve run with this since my very first run – even before my iPhone when I had to tie a little chip to my shoe. Lately, I’ve added my Gipis app to keep me on pace. And Rock My Run so I could have music timed to my steps per minute. Plus, I’ve got half a dozen other apps that I throw in the mix from time to time – a metronome, Map My Run, more music apps, etc.

This app cocktail may seem like a bit much, but it works for me. Most of the time everything works just fine. Although most of the time I don’t even really need all these apps. I run basically the same route or two all the time. I have little parts that I can add in or take out to get more or less mileage. I know all the various distances, where I typically slow down, and how long it should take.

But every now and then I try a new route. And then I really need my apps to be accurate. Last time I tried this my Nike+ gps didn’t have a strong signal so my mileage was way off.

So, it shouldn’t have surprised me when I decided to try a new route today and all my apps failed me.

I decided to run on this nice greenway near my usual route. I started on some of my usual roads and was surprised at how quickly the miles added up but I didn’t realize anything was really off until my Nike friend started telling me I was running sub-9 minute miles. I felt like I was closer to 9:30 or even 10 minute miles. I knew it was definitely way off when I hit 8 minute miles after having to walk through some flooded parts of the greenway.

The whole time I thought, that’s okay, I’ll just compare to my Gipis app when I’m done (it doesn’t show mileage while you are running). But no. Somehow that app lost about 10 minutes. I don’t know what kind of time warp I ran through but it totally confused my Gipis. Even though this very app alerted me that I had run my full time of 1:25, once I looked at my workout details, it showed my run time at only 1:17.

So I have one app that says I did 10.3 miles in 1:26. And another that says 7.8 miles in 1:17.

To top that off, Rock My Run ended up just repeating the same 30 minute playlist over and over so I had to stop running for a minute and fix that. And when I tried to check distance by opening the Map My Run app, I learned it apparently doesn’t display mile markers when you are just viewing a route.

Although none on my technology worked, fortunately my legs did. Overall it was a pretty great run. I didn’t get too tired and I felt good afterwards. Much better than the last time I ran 9ish miles. Hopefully my training is paying off (and the fairly flat route didn’t hurt either!)

I may not have an accurate record of this run, but I guess that doesn’t mean that it didn’t happen. Even if that’s how it feels…

2/16/16 Run Details:

Time: 1 hour 26 minutes (or 1:17??)

Distance: 9ish miles (or 10.3? or 7.8?)

Pace: 9:31ish/mile (or 8:21? or 9:53?)