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Tobacco Road

5 Lessons Learned: Tobacco Road Half Marathon

The Tobacco Road Half Marathon was almost three weeks ago and I am just now collecting my thoughts to write about it. It didn’t turn out to be the great race I had hoped for so I’ve had some trouble… Continue Reading →

Tale of Two Sunday’s – RACE WEEK!!

With Tobacco Road coming up Sunday, I’ve had pretty important runs over the last two weekends. The first was my longest training run. And the next was a much-needed confidence booster after Sunday #1 destroyed me. I had planned to… Continue Reading →

What to do when you see a runner

What do you do when you walk/run/ride/drive by a runner? I’m sure you give them space to get by and try to keep your dog from tripping them. But, do you smile and wave or do you avoid eye contact… Continue Reading →

Friday Five – 5 Weird Foods that have Saved My Run

This is my first time participating in a Friday Five Linkup! This is a weekly, themed linkup with fellow run bloggers Courtney at Eat Run Pray DC, Cynthia at You Signed Up for What and Mar at Mar on the… Continue Reading →

Upcoming Races

If you’re like me, the ultimate motivation to get me to run (other than being chased by a masked man with a knife) is training for a race. Here’s what Chris and I have planned for Spring 2016… Tobacco Road… Continue Reading →

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