Tale of Two Runners

One serious runner and one reluctant runner



Failure Is An Option

The military has initials for everything; MP, KP, AWOL to name a few.  Runners also have initials, two in particular, PR which stands for personal best and DNF which means did not finish.  Unfortunately, I can now say that both… Continue Reading →

Pay Off

This week I returned to my regularly scheduled long run which was scheduled to be 14 miles with an interior goal of pushing towards goal pace for four miles late in the run.  After several workouts with wind in my… Continue Reading →

Things I Love – Gipis

Gipis is a running app that is a lot like having your very own running coach. Except that she doesn’t understand hills. I started using this app a few months ago. I liked it because it was pretty flexible, didn’t… Continue Reading →

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