Great progress during today’s workout:  Supersets.  Supersets are a great way to train at several different race paces.  Although I’m not certain significant amounts of Supersets are essential in a marathon training program, I figure it can’t hurt to throw in a few during the Speed Phase of my training.

The Superset is designed to be run at three different paces during each rep with no rest between pace changes.  The first 400 meters is run at 5k pace, the second 400 meters at 10K pace and then 2400 meters at half marathon or marathon pace.  The goal is to make the marathon pace feel more comfortable and by placing that pace at the end of the set, you get the added benefit of running on tired legs.  Supersets help with leg turnover which in turn helps with speed…and speed is what I am after.

Today, I comfortably ran a pace that was faster than my goal marathon pace and I was able to maintain that average over the full two miles of the first set.  The second set, however, was a bit of a different story.  To start I had to slog up a rather steep hill.  When I got to the top, which was the change from 5K pace to 10K pace, I was a full 20 seconds behind my target pace.  With only 1.75 miles to go, I knew there wouldn’t be enough mileage to make up that time without a significant pick up in my overall pace which would defeat the purpose of the Superset.  Fortunately, I was able to maintain target pace and not lose more time throughout the remainder of the workout which is a good mark of my fitness level at this point in time.  I’m looking forward to the next workout.

1/8/16 Run Details:

2 x Superset

First Set: 2 miles at 6:31 pace, time 13:04

Second Set: 2 miles at 6:45 pace, time 13:32