It seems that most runners have their fair share of injuries and issues. Knee problems. Shin splints. Achilles tendinitis. But, just to add to my complicated relationship with running, my ongoing “issue” is not a normal one. It is hard to describe, explain, Google, or track down anything that really matches it.

What happens to me is that my right foot falls asleep. Or sometimes my entire right leg from the knee down. Or occasionally even my left leg too. It doesn’t really hurt and its not quite “pins and needles.” Mostly its just numb. And it doesn’t happen every time.

But, seriously, feet are an important part of running and I would prefer to be able to feel them. I’m not the world’s most graceful human so I really need all of my limbs working together to keep me from falling over.

For awhile I thought it was seasonal. I’d think “oh, it always does this in the winter because my foot gets cold.” But then I also thought “right, this happens in the summer because of the heat.” So, apparently it isn’t weather related.

I Googled my ailment and most sites talked about shoes being too tight so I’ve loosened my laces up but that hasn’t helped. At this point, my right shoe is loose enough that if I run too fast I am afraid I will kick it off. And it has happened with every kind of shoe I have owned.

I tried KT Tape too. There isn’t a specific KT Tape method for “my foot sometimes goes numb” so I tried a couple of random methods and then made up a few of my own. I may have figured out a successful taping strategy for correcting over-pronation and I thought that may have been my magical cure. But the next time out, my foot was back to sleeping.

Since I haven’t been able to solve the problem by Googling it, I decided to talk to a doctor. I made an appointment with a sports medicine doctor and told him about it. He checked my pulse in my foot – that was okay. He tried tapping on a nerve to see if that was it – it wasn’t. He asked a bunch of questions that I couldn’t answer very well about exactly where and when it falls asleep. Then he basically said “I don’t know why it is doing that. If it becomes a problem, let me know and we can look into it.” To be fair, this was my first visit to this doctor, so it was technically just a well check, but I still thought to myself, “it is a problem and that is why I am telling you now.” I didn’t say that though. I decided I’d try to pay more attention to the specifics and then try again.

I’m also going to try a run clinic. Its possible that my foot is falling asleep because when I run I am twisting it around backwards or stomping so hard that I dent the pavement or some other ridiculous running “technique” that I have picked up by accident. Maybe if someone looks at me run, they can fix me.

Fingers crossed! (Or maybe I’m crossing my toes and that’s my problem?!)