Ah, a new year. Time for a fresh start. Since Chris and I celebrated New Year’s Eve by dropping a couple hundred bucks on race registrations, I figured it was time to change from my nice and easy 10k training program to the half marathon program. As a nice initiation, the program handed me an hour and 45 minute, 9.5 mile run to start with.

I hadn’t run that long since my last half marathon in April (and that was far from a great run). But it seemed wrong to start the new year off by skipping or shortening the first run. Besides, I had a 6.5 mile run in December that went really well. I felt like if I stayed at my “easy” pace, I could run all day.

So I threw on all of my new running gear and headed out. The weather was nice, the music was good, and, at my 10:30ish/mile pace, I felt pretty good. After an easy 4 mile loop, I even decided to head for more challenging (hillier) roads.

In a particularly hilly section, around mile 7.5, my “I could run all day” feeling started to fade. And fade. And fade. I kept going anyway. I was too close to my goal (and too far from my home) to give up. My legs hurt and my pace kept falling. I practically stared at my phone the whole final 5 minutes – counting down the seconds until I could stop.

But I did it!

My legs were sore for the rest of the day which wasn’t a big deal except for the fact that Mr. Serious, Chris, had run 12 miles that day and felt fine. All I wanted to do was sit around but he was perfectly happy to be up running around, taking down Christmas decorations and making dinner. This is a ridiculous complaint, I know, but it made my whining about sore legs go from “Totally Deserved Relaxation after a Super Long Run” to “Being a Big Wimp after a Kinda Long Run”

The important part, of course, was getting that big first run of the year out of the way. And looking down my training plan to see that everything is under an hour until the end of the month!!

1/3/16 Run details:

9.65 miles

10:52 pace

1:45 total time

Fastest mile: Mile 1 @ 9:59

Slowest mile: Mile 9 @ 11:24