This is my first time participating in a Friday Five Linkup! This is a weekly, themed linkup with fellow run bloggers Courtney at Eat Run Pray DC, Cynthia at You Signed Up for What and Mar at Mar on the Run.

This week’s theme is Food and Drink but I figured since I didn’t have any real nutritional advice to give (being reluctant in both my running and with health foods), I’d share the Five Weird Foods that have Saved My Run.


Yup – the candy. This actually happened last weekend. I headed out for my long run but didn’t have any Sport Beans or any other sport related running snack to bring along. I looked through my daughter’s leftover Halloween candy stash and saw a pack of two Starburst. I figured they were fruity and chewy so that was close enough for me.

A few miles into my run, I started getting an icky feeling in my stomach. It was a pretty tough run and I probably headed out too quickly after breakfast. Other than my tummy ache, I was feeling great so I really didn’t want to let it slow me down. I decided to try chewing on a Starburst. I figured it would either be a magical cure or it would make things much worse, but it was worth a shot.

Fortunately, it turned out to be a magical cure. Half a mile later I felt totally better! Not sure that a doctor would recommend this as great running food, but I might start taking one with me on every run!

Chocolate Milk

This is one that I have read about as being the perfect post-run drink. Something about the carb to protein ratio. Chocolate Milk has never been better than it was after the Tobacco Road Marathon in 2014. Having just completed my first half marathon and missing my goal time by two minutes, I could have been both exhausted and disappointed. But the chocolate milk at the finish line, in addition to doing whatever science-y muscle recovery thing, was the most delicious thing ever and put an instant smile on my face.


Okay, so I didn’t actually eat this during a run, but it did help me make it to the finish line. My neighborhood hosts a 5k each 3rd of July that culminates in a pool and pizza party. The run takes place in the evening so sometimes the weather is warm and sometimes the weather is so hot my shoes begin to stick to the pavement. During the hottest of the years, the only thing that makes me run past my lovely air-conditioned home is the promise of that delicious pizza (and a dip in the neighborhood pool)!

Peppermint Mocha

One of my greatest workouts happened with a grande peppermint mocha coursing through my veins. The sugar and caffeine combo paired with the beautiful weather totally supercharged this run last year on MLK Day. I still think of how energized and confident I felt. I have tried to recreate this perfect run with other peppermint mochas but, while they have given me an energy boost, the results haven’t been nearly as spectacular.


This is kind of cheating, because in this instance I didn’t actually eat the ice, but it is a food (drink? frozen liquid? garnish?) and it did help. During those hot summer runs, I fill up my water bottle with ice and let it melt while I’m running. Being able to squirt freezing cold water on my back and arms and legs and head is the only reason I have not yet spontaneously combusted during one of these runs.

On the other side of the thermometer, a few weeks ago, a nice ice storm gave me a few days off from running. I could have whined about this throwing off my running schedule, but I really enjoyed the break. And I think a rest was just what my body needed at that time!

What strange foods have kept you going? Anyone else out there running with Halloween candy?