I am participating in another Friday Five Linkup! This is a weekly, themed linkup with fellow run bloggers Courtney at Eat Run Pray DC, Cynthia at You Signed Up for What and Mar at Mar on the Run.

The theme this week is fitness. I’m certainly not a fitness expert but I know how it makes me feel. So here are my five most common fitness emotions…

Anxiety 😬

Before I start my run, I have any combination of anxiety causing thoughts. Did I eat too recently? Am I wearing clothes that are too warm or not warm enough? Do I have a headache that running will make worse? What if I don’t feel like running today? Am I a big slacker? What if I can’t do all the miles I want to? Do I have enough time to do my whole workout?

Confidence 😀

Pretty much every time I run I spend the first half mile slogging up a hill. I often spend this time bargaining with myself and deciding exactly how far I *must* go before I’m allowed to quit. But then I have a glorious stretch of downhill. This usually gives me instant speed and energy and changes my pessimism into unbridled enthusiasm and confidence for the miles ahead.

Anger 😠

This one comes out when I am ignored by fellow runners, walkers, or cyclists. Seriously, how can you run right past someone and not smile, wave, or even act like you noticed they were there! I’d even take a slight head nod. I won’t rant about this too long since I just posted a whole blog about it. Let me know if you agree!!

Fear 😧

I’m clumsy. I’ve fallen over absolutely nothing plenty of times. So there’s a lot to be afraid of out there on the roads. Cracked sidewalks. Wet leaves. Sticks. My own shoes.

Joy 😊

Hooray! The run is complete! I’m proud of myself for defeating my anxiety and getting out there. It doesn’t matter if I mark the “unstoppable,” “awesome,” or “so-so” emojis on my Nike+, the fact that I got out there (and that now I’m done!) always makes me feel happy!!

What emotions do you go through that I’ve missed here?