Today I decided to run using one of Jackie’s new found running apps.  Let me preface this by saying that I am a creature of habit.  I have taken great care in crafting my running plan based on previous plans’ successes and failures.  Sure I have been known to run Thursday’s workout on Tuesday or switch it up when my body needs it, but for me I need to cross off each workout week to week.  The idea of trying to throw in a new workout that I didn’t have in my plan was a bit unnerving for me.  Heading into my third marathon with high expectations, one of my overriding themes is patience which is what ultimately enabled me to make the switch.

So as to not start twitching and shaking by a “change”, I found a workout that was essentially the same as what I had scheduled for the day which in today’s case was a 12 mile run.  Typically on my long run day, I like to spend a few miles of the run (usually towards the end of the workout) pushing towards my goal race day pace.  For this run with this app, the focus was on maintaining a consistent pace from mile one to mile 12, so really the only difference was in mindset.

I have to say there was something exciting about hearing the lady say “keep this pace.”  For me, it became a game to see how long I could go before I heard the voice tell me to stay on pace.  This gave me something new to focus on during the monotony of the long run.  Being that the long run is run at slower than race pace, I didn’t have any trouble staying on pace throughout and had to resist the urge to push harder.  I just had to keep telling myself that at this point it is all about banking time on my feet and building stamina.  After all, that’s what long runs are all about, right?

1/3/16 Run Details:

12.1 Miles

8:13 Pace

1:40:19 Total Time