I actually sorta wanted to run today. I was cranky and needed some time to myself. Plus, it was really pretty out.

This was a threshold run which I’ve done a ton of lately but this was the longest and most difficult one I’ve done. My plan called for 9 sets of 6 minutes at 8:51/mile with one minute easy run breaks in between.

It started out a little wonky. My water bottle/phone case/running snack juggling act gave me trouble so I ended up basically standing still for the first 90 seconds of running. I reset and started out.

The first couple miles were fine. But then the problems started piling up. It was hotter than I expected. My foot was asleep for most of the run. And I had Chris’s vortex problem with constant wind in my face.

I was only in mile four when I started slowing down. I had to stop and walk a few times. The lady inside my GIPIS app kept telling me to speed up. It was disheartening. The other threshold runs I have done were all really good and left me feeling like I could keep going. So to have a time when I was supposed to keep going and just couldn’t do it was super disappointing.

I considered quitting during my first lap once I got near my house. I considered taking a shortcut to shorten my second lap. I considered just walking until the time was up. I told myself I could quit and try this run another day. I half wished my feet would find a big crack in the pavement so I would have a nasty fall and a legitimate excuse to quit.

But I didn’t fall. I didn’t quit. I didn’t cut it short. Every thought of quitting was countered with the problems quitting would cause. I would have to do this awful run again. I would have to tell Chris that I gave up. I would have to look at my progress and always see that run where I wimped out.

So I kept going. And before I could change my mind, I reached my goal. It wasn’t anywhere near perfect. But I was able to keep an overall pace under 10 minutes which is okay, just not where I want to be.

In the end, today’s run left me feeling 50% disappointed, 25% irritated, and 25% proud that I kept going. I’ll try to focus on that last 25% as I get ready for my next run. There will always be a few bad runs thrown into the mix. I am glad to put this one behind me and hope that brighter roads are ahead.

1/31/16 Run Details:

Time: 1 hour 12 minutes

Distance: 7.35 miles

Pace: 9:49/mile

On a side note, I was awarded an “Ableable” badge on my Gipis app after my run so that brightened my spirits some. I mean, if it’s telling me that I’m ableable, it couldn’t have been that bad of a run, right?