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Failure Is An Option

The military has initials for everything; MP, KP, AWOL to name a few.  Runners also have initials, two in particular, PR which stands for personal best and DNF which means did not finish.  Unfortunately, I can now say that both… Continue Reading →

A New Phase

I recently started a new phase in my training program, the Stamina Phase.  With less emphasis on intervals and quick reps, the goal of workouts in this phase is to put together longer runs with a more consistent pace throughout. … Continue Reading →

Pay Off

This week I returned to my regularly scheduled long run which was scheduled to be 14 miles with an interior goal of pushing towards goal pace for four miles late in the run.  After several workouts with wind in my… Continue Reading →


Today’s workout was brought to me by 10-20 mph headwinds.  Running today confirmed what I have believed for some time…our neighborhood is located inside a vortex. I was looking forward to the workout because it involved mile repeats at goal… Continue Reading →

Superset Me

Great progress during today’s workout:  Supersets.  Supersets are a great way to train at several different race paces.  Although I’m not certain significant amounts of Supersets are essential in a marathon training program, I figure it can’t hurt to throw… Continue Reading →

Creature of Habit

Today I decided to run using one of Jackie’s new found running apps.  Let me preface this by saying that I am a creature of habit.  I have taken great care in crafting my running plan based on previous plans’… Continue Reading →

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