Two runners. The stories of how and when we first started running are identical but everything else along our running path has been very different.

We both headed out for a recreational run for the first time in early 2010. Chris’s brother had challenged him to run a super hilly 20k in their hometown. Not wanting to be the only slacker in the family, I joined in on the craziness as well.

For our first run, I suggested we take turns running up and down our street. This way, we could see if we ran at similar speeds and I wouldn’t be embarrassed by my need to gasp for air.

Chris completed the run without any trouble. And a full two minutes faster than me.

So that is where our running stories split. Chris: a natural talent who quickly became a speedy, long distance runner and who is always trying to learn more about the craft. And me, Jackie: a bandwagon runner who’s greatest running talent is coming up with excuses about why I can’t run.IMG_3766