I recently started a new phase in my training program, the Stamina Phase.  With less emphasis on intervals and quick reps, the goal of workouts in this phase is to put together longer runs with a more consistent pace throughout.  For me, there is always a sense of accomplishment and excitement to begin a new phase or workout.  However, the kick off to this new phase has been…well, let’s say it has left me feeling less than accomplished right now.

The start of this new phase began during what is the busiest week for me at work.  Leaving in the morning and returning home only to get in bed, wake up and do it all over again, leaves very little time to run.  My body rejects morning exercise and has since I spent a week at Boy Scout camp throwing up every morning during our morning swim.  Therefore, running in the wee hours of the morning are out of the question, save for race days when little sleep is had the night before anyway.

As the light began to appear at the end of the work week tunnel, the anticipation of getting out to run was growing…and so was a massive winter storm.  Now, massive for most of the East Coast meant curfews, travel bans, and snow fall taller than my three year old.  For us, it meant a dusting of snow but mostly a little bit of ice and for people in our town it might as well have been three feet of snow.  Honestly, I think I would have rather run in the snow because running shoes just don’t work on ice.  Even after a few days of warm temps, patches of slush remain and where there is slush there is ice.  Most of these areas happen to be on sidewalks along busy roads where running on the street (my preferred surface when it’s safe) is not possible.  What’s more is that once you get through the slushy parts, traction is delayed making it hard to gauge when you can actually start running again.

So as long as there is ice and until someone comes up with running shoes that work on it, workouts will have to be altered and the excitement of a new phase will be delayed.  In the meantime, all I can do is reserve myself to run an undetermined distance at an undetermined pace for an undetermined amount of time.  Perfect plan for someone who suffers from running plan OCD.

1/25/16 Workout Details:

4.94 Miles

Time: 35:37

Pace: 7:12